Slimming Hot Cream 250gm

Slimming Hot Cream 250gm


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Fleur’s is proud to prssent Slimming Hot Cream, which is formulated by a unique combination of black Pepper & Herbal Extracts. It works to burn fatty acids and liberate new energynin the skin. This bio-techinological anti-cellulite tratment contains a new slimming substance that helps to reduce the appearance of cellulites. The cream effectively reduces the fat areas and cellulite, giving the skin more elasticity, as well as smoothening and nourishing the special area. using this cream repeatedly can helps prevent area using this cream repeatedly can help prevent the reappearance of cellulite as well as fights existing cellulite.

Essence Hot Cream



Slimming hot cream for men and women to be applied and massaged on the special area, once or twice a day

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